Edd Gould tribute

2013-03-25 08:51:21 by GJYYNGII



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2014-08-07 07:47:52

"I am getting tired of my 3D art getting removed just because it's "violating the rules", which is not. Right now, I added copyright to this picture so it won't get removed, and I'll do the same thing when I upload more MMD pictures. Are you happy now, M-Bot? Perhaps I may be overreacting a little bit.

Models belong to their rightful owners"

I'm sorry, since I know this is upsetting you, so I'm going to make this crystal-clear for you:
You did not make the models, which form most of the contribution in the pic.
Your only contribution is to repose the models.
We do not allow screenshots from games such as Garry's mod for the same reason.

The rest of your pics are fine. If you like 3D models, I recommend looking into reskinning or making your models. By the looks of submissions (stuff that is still up and stuff that has been removed) I think you'll enjoy it, and you'll likely have some fantastic 3D models in the future.

Otherwise models that aren't yours have to be taken down, sorry.

GJYYNGII responds:

I understand. All I wanted to say is that MikuMikuDance is an animation software, not a game.


2014-08-08 04:20:38

Doesn't matter if it's a game or not, you didn't make the models.

GJYYNGII responds:

When will you people ever learn?


2014-10-19 06:28:34

Erm, excuse me, but you should be directing that question to yourself.
I've already given you a detailed reason why it's not acceptable.